Resources for a FREE Shel Silverstein Author Study

Our homeschool is gearing up for a new author study, so I thought I would share some free resources I have compiled. I hope you and your children enjoy this study as much as I know we will!


Author/Artist Study: Eric Carle

Eric Carle is by far one of our favorite authors – AND he’s a fantastic artist! We recently decided to do a complete author/artist study, and I wanted to share the amazing resources I was able to find while scouring the internet. I hope you and your little ones enjoy this author study as much as we did!


If you have any other resources or experiences to share, please comment. I’d love to hear from you!



Charlotte Mason Artist Study: Edgar Degas

I have been researching and putting another artist study, this time highlighting Edgar Degas. Naturally, his ballerina paintings are a favorite among my daughters. It will be interesting to explore a little deeper into his amazing artwork! Here are some of the free resources I have uncovered. I hope you find them useful!Edgar-Degas


Notebooking pages:

Crafts and Activity Ideas

Charlotte Mason Artist Study: Claude Monet

Time for another artist study! Today’s focus is Claude Monet. Here is a list of some awesome resources for creating a totally FREE Charlotte Mason-style artist study. Enjoy, and happy homeschooling!

Claude Monet


Notebooking pages:

Activity ideas:

Charlotte Mason Artist Study : Vincent Van Gogh

I have been having a lot of fun putting together these artist studies for my children. I never realized before that there are SO many free resources out there – all you have to do is search! I have assembled another compilation of resources for a Charlotte Mason-style artist study. This time we’re focusing on the well-known artist Vincent Van Gogh. I hope you find these resources helpful in your homeschool!


van gogh

The Life and Art of Van Gogh:

Fun activities and games:

Charlotte Mason Artist Study: Leonardo da Vinci


Arguably, one of the greatest artists of all time was Leonardo da Vinci. He is a favorite of mine, and I am very excited to share his artwork with my children. There are so many incredible resources out there, many of which are FREE! I wanted to share some of the incredible free resources I have uncovered while scouring the internet to create an artist study for our homeschool. I hope you enjoy!


Free Coloring Pages:

Downloadable/Printable Notebooking and Journaling Pages:

Activity Ideas:

Charlotte Mason Artist Study: Pierre Renoir

We’re studying artists like crazy at our homeschool, and my kids are eating it up like candy! We are beginning a new study on Renoir, so I thought I would share some of the awesome FREE resources I have found.

Renoir-themed craft and activity ideas:


Enjoy! Happy Homeschooling!

Charlotte Mason Artist Study: Wassily Kandinsky

For those of you who love Charlotte Mason style education, here are some great resources for you! This is all you’ll need to do a completely free artist study on Wassily Kandinsky.

Here are links to some great FREE resources:

Just for fun, I am also throwing in a printable PDF I created, of information on my favorite pieces of artwork by Kandinsky:

Kandinsky Study

Also, here are some printable pictures of the artwork in found in the PDF I created. Enjoy! Happy homeschooling, friends!



On White II

Composition X

Composition VII

Composition IV