Quick and Easy DIY Panty Drawer Dividers

As I was putting away laundry today, it occurred to me just how messy and disorganized my panty drawer is, so I decided to do something about it. Being on a tight budget, it needed to be something cheap, and having only a limited amount of time before the curious (read: destructive) little ones awoke from their nap, it needed to be a quick project! I decided to make use of some Amazon Prime boxes we had lying around, and I am rather pleased with the end result!

You will need:
Cardboard boxes
Scissors and/or a box cutter
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Measuring tape (optional)

Step 1:
Cut sections of cardboard to fit the measurement of your drawer. I found that the flaps of the boxes work best for this. It would probably be wise to measure before cutting, but I couldn’t find our tape measure so I just eyeballed it. 🙂

Step 2:
Paint the cardboard pieces. This will make the cardboard look a little nicer as well as making it a little more sturdy. Put as many layers as needed to get it to your liking. (I only did one layer because, as I pointed out before, I was in a hurry to get it done!) Allow the paint to thoroughly dry before placing.

Step 3:
Place dividers into drawer. Neatly roll panties (try the method used in this YouTube video) and place in drawer. Ta-da! Quick and easy, right? I love it! 🙂

DIY Collage

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