10 (More) Reasons Why I Homeschool

Less than a month ago I wrote a post on Why I Homeschool my kids, citing 17 recent news events that support my family’s decision to home-educate our children. As soon as I posted, I began compiling another list. It seems that every time I read the news I am once again reminded why we made the best decision for our children! So, here are 10 MORE reasons why I homeschool:

  1. Because it’s inappropriate in every way for 10 year olds to be reading writing prompts about infidelity. I should not need to explain to a fellow adult why that is wrong.
  2. Because no parent should be banned from her child’s school for defending her daughter against a bully when the school chose to do nothing about it.
  3. Because no child should be banned from reading a BIBLE during FREE READING TIME.
  4. Because I believe that employers need to see MORE examples of the fact that homeschooled children turn into well-trained, hard-working adults who should be hired – not boycotted.
  5. Because children should not be given lap dances from their teacher as a birthday present!
  6. Because fathers should not be arrested over wanting to protect their children from sexually explicit required reading materials.
  7. Because when standardized testing becomes so important that teachers feel that they must risk their jobs by helping children cheat in order to keep the kids’ scores high, it’s clear to me that we are doing something very, very wrong.
  8. Because students should not be suspended over refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance, regardless as to whether or not the teacher/principle agrees with the student’s views. As far as I know, we still live in a free country.
  9. Because 10 year olds should not have access to sexually graphic books within their school’s library.
  10. Because I do not want to send my kid off to get an education and have to worry that my child could be sexually pursued by a teacher!