Mr. Matt Walsh Delivers Again!

Have I ever expressed just how much I love Matt Walsh? This guy speaks truth in the most refreshing way. He’s witty, intelligent, sarcastic, but also dead-on every single time. Here’s a snippet from his most recent blog post entitled “Your life is over when you have kids”:

“It’s not my life. It’s hers, it’s his, it’s theirs, it’s ours. Ultimately, it’s His, and He has given it to them. So my life — MY life — is over.

“This is true. This is beautiful. This is why parenting is a high calling.

“And this is exactly why our society hates children.

“No matter what anyone else says, THIS is why we’re experiencing historically low birth rates. It’s got nothing to do with an economic crisis, and everything to do with a selfishness crisis. This is why we dehumanize children, kill them, exterminate them. This is why we have less of them, and why we call birth control a “preventative medication.” It’s why couples who choose (note: I said CHOOSE) not to have kids will often refer to themselves as ‘child-free’ — much like a recovering patient might call himself cancer-free.

“We run around putting ‘my’ in front of things that cannot be ours. It’s MY time, MY life, MY body. And then we conceive a child and we simply can not let go of the “MY.” Barney and Mr. Rogers failed in their mission to teach us about sharing. We kill a million babies a year just because we don’t want to share.”

Does this guy get it, or what?! Check out his whole blog post here. Read more of his blog, while you’re there! I promise, he does not disappoint! I’m telling you, every time I read something he writes, I feel the sudden overwhelming desire to give the man a standing ovation.

Matt, thanks for speaking the truth. Keep up the good fight!

Happy 100th Birthday to the US Income Tax Amendment!

Did you know that the US didn’t have an income tax until 1913? That means that we somehow managed to run the country WITHOUT taking people’s income for 292 years. How is that possible, you ask? Simple! The government wasn’t as far-reaching, so it didn’t need nearly as much money to function. Wars and such were paid for by taxing goods here and there, but not by taxing goods in addition to income, property, and anything/everything else they could get their hands on. The more power we give our government (which it was never intended to have in the first place), the more of our money they burn through to keep themselves (barely) running.

Another interesting fact? The US “tax army” is bigger than the Army we have in Iraq. Why in the world do we pay more people to mismanage our money, than we do to protect our freedom?

There’s a lesson here. Smaller government = smaller debt. It really is just that simple. If we want to take our country back, then we need to vote out anyone who is a proponent for bigger government.