One year later…

One year ago today, I got the diagnosis of placenta accreta, and had to begin coming to terms with the reality that Annie would be my last baby. While the news both shocked and deeply saddened me, I have had peace all along that God was and is in control, and all of this is only a small part of his huge plans for our lives. I always knew that when we gave God the control of our fertility, it meant not only that He would have the say in how many children we had and how often, but also that He had the say in when we were done. I just never thought we would be done so soon! Though some may consider four children to be a large family, to us it seems quite average. I longed for a truly large family, with many little “arrows” in our quiver! I am happy to report that God is faithful, and although this was not in our plan for our lives, it was part of God’s plan all along. He has given me peace which transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7), and I have been able to remain joyful, and we are truly enjoying our four precious daughters. We are also praying that God will open the doors for us to adopt another child in the future! Only God knows what’s in store for us, but I am very much looking forward to seeing His plans unfold!

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