“Coming out,” so to speak

After making the toughest decision of all – taking the leap of faith and beginning to trust the Lord wholly with our fertility – we’re now faced with the next tough step: whether or not to tell friends and family. There are a select few whom I know I can tell and not face judgement or ridicule, but I’m certain that most people would want to voice their disapproval and concern. We know that the comments would be with good intentions, but so many people are hurtful with their words even despite being well-meaning. We’re confident in our convictions, so we are prepared to answer any questions people might have, but we are not looking forward to the negativity.

So far I have told two family members. Both were surprised and skeptical, but supportive nonetheless. They understand that the choice is a very personal one; one that should be left between us and the Lord. I greatly appreciate them for their understanding of that! Yet, there are those who will inevitably find out who will not be so supportive, and I am not looking forward to that level of negativity directed at us.

I am very seriously considering posting a link to this blog on my Facebook for everyone to see. I created this blog with the intention of having a place to document our journey, both the ups and down, and express my thoughts and feelings as we go along. The more I think on it, though, the more I realize that maybe this could also be a place for people to keep tabs on us and follow us in our journey, and perhaps be able to understand our mindset a bit more.

We have not made a decision yet, however. We will continue to pray on it until we get an answer as to what God wants us to do, and who He wants us to tell!

One thought on ““Coming out,” so to speak

  1. I am very interested in learning more of what is in your hearts in regards to your convictions. Support will be found in those who have reached a level of maturity and understanding that enables them to think outside of their own egocentrism. I find it admirable that you are willing to share your story and convictions with the world and I feel honored to ‘know’ you!

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